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May 4, 2022

Episode 8 - An interview with Mellow Mammals Client... Karla

Episode 8 - An interview with Mellow Mammals Client... Karla
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On today's episode, Nick and Garrick interview a very special client of Mellow Mammals, Karla. Karla was kind enough to agree to share her personal experience with you and us when it comes to using CBD with her boxers. We apologize for some of the sound quality, as we were recording this off of a cell phone due to some restrictions at the time of recording.

However, we are very appreciative of her candor, time and honesty during this interview. So... sit back and relax while we learn of the first-hand account from a CBD user that uses it for her dogs. 

We are the CBDmythbusters and not the Mellow Mammals podcast... but, we offer these little glimpses into the life of a one-man CBD brand that is trying to claw, scrape and fight their way into becoming a well known CBD pet brand so that you may understand more about the life of such an adventure. Our hope is that we can inspire you to follow your dream, even if it is hard... their is little time... and not a lot of money. Keep pushing little campers! 

The world has enough bad in it... let's be the good!

As always, please continue to reach out to us via email: cbdmythbusters@gmail.com with your questions, comments and thoughts. We love hearing from you guys and love even more the stories of your adventures! With much appreciation, THANK YOU!

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