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April 6, 2022

The History of Hemp - Part 1

The History of Hemp - Part 1
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CBD has caused an explosion of exposure to the hemp plant in recent years... but, just how long have we interacted with it on this planet? 

How long has hemp been around?

When was the first recorded use of the hemp plant?

What have past generations used the hemp plant for?

Can the hemp plant be used for more than CBD?

Was hemp always prohibited and shunned?

Where was the hemp plant first discovered?

These and many other burning hemp questions are answered during this episode of the CBDmythbusters podcast. So, listen along as your faithful hosts, Garrick Cline and Nick Buccieri learn you a little about the history of hemp. ("Learn you a little" is an old Missouri phrase.)

In this episode we cover quite a bit of ground... and may veer down a rabbit hole or two along the way. I know, shocking! Right?!? In fact, so much ground is covered that we had to split the episode into two parts! So.. buckle up little campers and enjoy the ride through a rich and exciting history of one of the oldest plants the world knows... along the way, you will meet royalty, innovators, villians and everyday folk enjoying the many ways to use hemp to better enrich our lives. You may also be entertained a little along the way! 

This marks the episode that Garrick finally starts to relax, speaks INTO the microphone so he can be heard and both personalities start to shine. This is a fun one folks! Hope you enjoy!!

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