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April 20, 2022

The History of Hemp - Part 2: American Hemp History

The History of Hemp - Part 2: American Hemp History
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The history of Hemp on this planet is vast and extremely interesting! In today's episode, we attempt to learn you a little about the "love/hate" relationship America has had with the hemp plant. From the foundation of this great Nation, hemp had proven itself invaluable for day to day living. In fact, our forefathers grew it, used it and some made their money from it. In fact, the king of England made it a requirement for settlers to send hemp back to England as a tax! Hemp helped make this country what it is now... but, this valuable resources rise to fame would come to an abrupt halt in the late 1930's.

After the passage of the Marijuana tax act in 1937, the love relationship with hemp in America is a bit rocky. 

The government made hemp illegal until they needed it again, that is...

Government: Hemp is illegal!

World War II: You sure about that??

Government: Ummm... crap. We need it for the war. Hemp is legal again!

Farmers: Yippie!!!

World War II: All done with my nonsense...

Government: Hemp is ILLEGAL!!!!

Farmers: Are you kidding me?!?!

We talk about all of this and more... you know, rabbit holes, conspiracy theories, personal medical procedures and the occasional discussion regarding the actual topic. Just what you have come to expect from us... Strap in and hang on as we travel through the American History... Hemp.

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